Yvonne Collier helps people get along with each other
Your team members, managers and leaders benefit as well as your clients / customers
Yvonne works with teams and individuals to help produce cooperation, greater unity and clear communication for greater profit and productivity. Unhelpful behaviours, silos and unconstructive conflict are transformed into improved communication, team spirit and enthusiasm.

Yvonne is passionate about people being able to stand up for themselves. She teaches assertive skills, and runs 'Getting what you want: Assertive skills and more' every term since 1997 (and ongoing) with Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education. Yvonne runs practical workshops on Bullying and Sexual Harassment: what workplace behaviour is unacceptable, how to handle it, why you must have zero tolerance and learn and practice, best practice.

Another passion is a 'better way to meet'. Yvonne facilitates 'Open Space', 'World cafe' and uses technology to help you save time, money and resources with better meetings.

20 + years as an International trainer, speaker, facilitator, coach, mentor and author she can help you with ‘People skills’. Especially interpersonal skills, assertive skills and influence skills.
Yvonne delivers professional structured courses which engage and enthuse all participants and deliver business results

Introducing Maddison Training

Getting What You Want

Be Present NOW

Balance under stress

Reframe adversity

GAP React or Respond

Trust and comfort zone

Resourceful and present

Be present NOW song

Introducing A Better Way to Meet

Train The Trainer

Facilitation - Open Space

LAFFe to Success Skills

Full On Training

Team Leaders as Trainers

In addition to individually structured programs, Yvonne, in conjunction with the University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education runs the following courses:

For more information regarding current courses, including 'Getting What You Want - Assertive Skills and More', 'Getting MORE of What You Want' and 'Sexual Harrassment and Bullying in the Workplace', click on the appropriate button ...

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