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Video testimonial from
Peter Boyd, COO, Carbon War Room

Video testimonial from
David Schwartz, Carbon War Room

Video testimonial from
Dr Stephanie Pride, StratEDGY Foresight

Video testimonials from key participants from Creating Climate Wealth Australia and Carbon War Room Innovation Lab In Sydney 7 & 8 July 2011 with Future Journeys

I am very pleased and privileged to be Global Track Lead for the Shipping, Freight & Supply Track, at CCWA Innovation Lab In Sydney 7 & 8 July 2011. Yvonne Collier was an absolutely fantastic facilitator. Energy, humour and she got us all through. As I said in my feedback, a real gem. We are very lucky to have her facilitate.

-  Peter Boyd, COO, Carbon War Room

I’ve been a part of CCW’s for about two years now, helped build the brand and build the conferences. These conferences really live or die on the facilitation, and facilitator Yvonne Collier has been amazing. She knows how to steer a group, she knows when to let it organically grow and also to keep it on track, which is always an issue when you have big players in the industry, which this conference does attract. And I just have to say the facilitation that Yvonne brought was superb and professional and I highly recommend working with her again.

-  David Schwartz, Carbon War Room

We’ve had a fabulous two days in Creating Climate Wealth Australia and Carbon War Room. Yvonne Collier facilitated us and I have to say, as a professional facilitator myself she is absolutely fantastic. She knows her stuff, you can see the expertise behind what she does, she keeps everything moving, she makes it fun and she produces fantastic results at the end. I thoroughly recommend Yvonne Collier, Master Facilitator.

-  Dr Stephanie Pride, StratEDGY Foresight

A good speaker and trainer is one who can inspire, motivate, entertain, and inform all at the same time. Yvonne is able to do all this and add insight and compassion which makes here truly one of the leaders in her field.

-  James Wallis Martin, Director / CEO, JB Metrics Ltd

Yvonne is passionate about interpersonal skills and working to improve them. Her facilitation skills are superb and highly professional - thanks for all your help and making the events such fun. Look forward to working with you again.

- Toby M, Internet Marketing Specialist 

I enrolled in Getting What You Want: Assertive Communication Skills at a time when I felt my life was in meltdown. I was on Workers Compensation because of workplace stress and had seen the course advertised. I requested that the course be part of my rehabilitation and return to work plan. My employer agreed and my personal and professional life has changed completely! People who work closely with me say that I have done a complete 360-degree turn around after only the first week of the course. I now deal with issues immediately they arise. I am positive and confident and I tackle tasks that I would have previously avoided such as confronting difficult staff about poor performance and unprofessional behaviour. When "challenges" come up I don't panic, I make a plan and use the skills I learnt in the course to get the outcome I want.  

I have learnt how to identify what it is I want.  I have found my "voice" and for the first time in my life I am really happy. Yvonne, thank you so much. 

I also decided to take my new assertiveness into management of our household accounts and to my horror found that my tenant was many months is arrears in the rent. Once I got a grip of myself and made a decision not to panic I made a plan. I confronted her immediately and set up a meeting, she tried to delay by being late, but I persevered and was insistent that we meet that night. The outcome was that she paid me a month's rent immediately in cash and signed an agreement to pay the balance within a week! 

Prior to the course I would not have been able to deal with this issue. I would have fallen apart and let the whole thing go (money and all). I was really clear about the outcome I wanted and went for it and recovered thousands of dollars as a result. WOW!!!

- Julie H

Thanks Yvonne for delivering a top class Train the Trainer course. 
Testament to your skills, passion and commitment. 

- CEO, APAC Global Media Investment Management Operation

It was a resounding success with extremely positive feedback 
from all levels within our company. Yvonne's flexibility, innovation
and sense of humour have been a key factor in this result. 
The leadership Yvonne demonstrated ensured 
we remained focused, interested and motivated.

- Group Practice Manager Architects

Thank you Yvonne for a brilliant week! Train the Trainer Digital Training went really well, and the feedback has been superb. We have 7 excellent training modules on everything from social to search to digital analytics. And on top of that we have a highly enthused team who are closer than ever.

Thank you too Yvonne, for all of your hard work and making it so seamless, fun, educational, and productive.

- Global Digital Leader, Global Media Agency

The course 'Getting What You Want' with Yvonne was a very effective mix of stories - worksheets - role plays - examples and so on. Expertly presented and taught.

- Sally, Course Participant

I could never say NO to friend who was asking me for money.  After day one of 'Getting What You Want' for the first time ever, I was able to say No.  I feel so good, have money in my pocket and our relationship is much better now.  Thank you so much.

- Jeff, Course Participant

Great presenter - good use of examples. Clear articulation and wonderfully enthusiastic.

- Anne, Course Participant

Excellent course notes, bibliography and ideas to pursue. Everyone benefited – some people seemed transformed.

- Phil, Course Participant

Yvonne and I worked together at Fairfax, back in the late 80's. Yvonne conducted excellent combined sales training sessions for her 'Good Weekend' Team and my 'National Times on Sunday' newspaper sales team. Since 1992 in her own company, Maddison Training, Yvonne has trained and facilitated interpersonal / people skills successfully all over the world. Her successful Sales and Marketing management background allied to her great facilitation skills makes Yvonne a natural leader in the business and personal development field. I would unhesitatingly recommend her services.

-  Michael McCorry, Advertising Manager, Times on Sunday, Fairfax Media