Yvonne Collier invites you to participate in a
'Creators of Peace' Circle
‘Creators of Peace’ is an international women’s initiative started in 1991. It invites women to engage in the creation of peace at every level of society.

Next Sydney Peace Circle: Facilitators: Yvonne Collier & Shoshana Faire
Neutral Bay / Mosman – Next date in September (TBA)

Initiator of the program was Anna Abdallah Msekwa, Minister of State in the Office of the Tanzanian Prime Minister and veteran of women’s organisations.

She urged people to “start initiating peace in the world from where you are, in your heart, in your homes, workplaces and community”. “We all pretend to believe that someone, somewhere is the stumbling block (to peace)…Could that someone be myself?” She said that the individual is the key to peace.
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Circles of Peace - Mosman Meeting October, 2012

The Peace Process
In ourselves where personal transformation and healing liberate us from bitterness and selfishness to discover our own contribution as peace makers.

In our homes where forgiveness and honesty harmonise family
relationships to create centres of peace for the community.

In our communities where respect and understanding of differences free us from prejudice and allow us to live creatively with others to resolve sources of conflict and injustice.

In our world where dealing with the root causes of conflict and working for reconciliation provide the impetus for creating a better world in partnership with all.
Peace Circle Overview
To create a space for women of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs/faiths to explore
together their own peace‐creating ability to generate peace in their homes and in the wider

A group of women meet over a weekend in a private home to:
  • Work through a series of topics and exercises designed to help you become more aware of your peace‐making potential
  • Share stories with each other in an atmosphere of trust and respect

Topics explored
What is peace anyway? What changes would I like to see/influence?
  • What destroys peace? What builds peace?
  • ‘The Sacred Art of Listening’ as a peace building tool.
  • Inner listening. What is that and how do you do it?
  • Can anyone be a peace maker? What qualities are needed.
  • Is inner peace important and how do I get it?
  • The power of apology and forgiveness
  • Putting peace building into practice. What to do from here?

It involves
  • participating in the whole weekend
  • honest sharing and good listening within the group and
  • contributing generally towards building an atmosphere of trust and respect Intention
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Creators of Peace 2012 Reunion - Auburn Sydney September 2012 - 86 women attended

Some ongoing friendships may be fostered and community peace building initiatives explored.
Contact For more information please email
Or phone 0417203106 or + 61 2 99043341